10 Things That Helped Tremendously During My Pregnancy


As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I snagged the most popular apps and parenting books. I wanted help navigating the changes that were coming my way! I quickly realized that those resources focused mostly on baby development and pregnancy symptoms. I needed to know what to expect for myself which meant these left much to be desired. Instead, I found myself constantly texting my girls to ask questions like “did you feel this way?!”. At times I just had to figure out what my changing body needed through trial and error.

Now that I’m in my last few months of my pregnancy, I've decided to pass down what I learned along the way. Those things I wish someone would have told me about the expected (and unexpected) changes. It’s my way of paying the love forward!

Naturally, we’ll start at the beginning. Here are my top 10 suggestions for your first trimester:

  1. Have a Support System

I was still anxious and getting used to the thought of  expecting. We weren't ready to make our pregnancy public knowledge. But at the same time, I had so many feelings and questions! I relied on my close girlfriends, my sister, and my therapist to help me process everything. They reassured me that every emotion and sensation in my body was normal.

2. Stay TF off Google

I’m all about doing your research, but don’t go crazy and do your Googles on EVERYthing. Just don’t. If you need information, turn to a trusted source like your midwife/OB or doula, or get a few good pregnancy books. Researching every symptom on the internet usually does more harm than good. You never know how accurate the information is or if it even applies to you.

3. Strengthen Your Personal Boundaries

Just say NO. Growing a baby takes a lot of physical and emotional energy. There is no better time than now to protect that energy by saying no to people and things that drain you.

4. Drink Tea and Citrus-y Drinks

I didn’t vomit much (unless I skipped meals), but I did have all day nausea. I took vitamin B6, ate small frequent meals, and relied on tart drinks and tea. The latter was the most helpful for me. Think hibiscus tea with lemon, lemon and ginger tea, and lemonade.

5. Do Light Exercise

Even though I tired easily, it felt great to move. I love Tone it Up for easy equipment-free workouts, or barre classes and non-heated yoga for something a little more intense. Note that heated yoga is not “off-limits” for everyone, but if you want to continue a hot yoga routine, speak with your midwife/OB to determine what’s right for you.

6. Wear Stretchy, Comfortable Clothing

I wasn’t quite in maternity pants yet, but I did live in Lululemon align joggers (one size up!). Maternity clothes can be expensive, but I found a few inexpensive pairs at Ross.

7. Get Chiropractic Care

It’s NEVER too early to start chiropractic care. Especially during pregnancy! Getting a head start creates balance within your nervous system. This allows you to adapt more easily to stress and balance your pelvis before fetal position is an issue. It also gets your spine functioning properly before postural changes or ligament-laxity (those pregnancy hormones!) creates uncomfortable symptoms. You can find a Webster Technique certified chiropractor that specializes in pregnancy on ICPA4kids.org, or if you live in DFW you can always book and appointment with me!

8. Be Gentle with Yourself

Your pregnant body is going to be different from your “normal” body. Embrace it! You are growing a miracle! I had to remind myself that it was OK to rest, change my activities, and ask for help when I needed it.

9. Rest

On that same note, GET YOUR REST and DO NOT FEEL GUILTY. I repeat: your body is performing a miracle that takes a lot of energy. If your schedule doesn’t allow for the occasional nap, try the following: 

  • Go to bed earlier, even if it’s just a 30min difference.

  • Focus on more gentle workouts like Yin Yoga and walks.

  • Say NO to weekend plans to get some extra rest.

  • Take a 10/15min quiet time/break to sit and have a glass of water or herbal tea.

  • Do a 10 min meditation on the Expectful app to de-stress and ease your mind.

10. Focus On the Positive

In the beginning, I was nervous and so uncomfortable all the time. Any time I felt down or anxious, I had these few key thoughts to return to:

  • “I prayed and prepared for this baby who is safe in my womb.”

  • “All this discomfort is for a purpose and is a positive sign that things are going as they should be.”

  • “God has a perfect plan for me and this pregnancy.”

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