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Hey! I'm Lauren, vitalistic family chiropractor, doula, and lover of all things wellness. I live for vanilla almond milk lattes, love new experiences, energizing workouts, helping other women, and romantic walks through the aisles of Target. After years of giving lifestyle advice to patients, friends, and family I finally created this platform to share my knowledge as a holistic doctor, and my insights from personal experiences with women like me. By women like me I mean those who desire to be their most healthy self from the inside-out, and feel like doing so shouldn’t be super complicated. If that sounds anything like you, you're in the right place!

Amazing things happen when we focus on our BEing and pour into ourselves; our capacity to live in our purpose and experience life to the fullest expands. I'll be sharing new posts a couple times a month geared towards helping you do just that, and periodically I'll upload free resources like how-to guides and reading lists. Be sure to subscribe to stay in the loop and welcome to the fold!