More About Me....

My interest in the human body and healthy living began as an undergraduate studying Exercise Science and Dance at UT Austin, and once I entered chiropractic school that interest evolved to a full blown passion. Chiropractic exposed me to holistic health principles and vitalistic philosophy which recognizes that the human body has an innate wisdom and health begins from the inside out. That philosophy resonated with me so much and just made complete sense!

After graduation I opened a private chiropractic practice in Houston where I primarily served pregnant women and families.  (At the end of 2018 I relocated to the DFW metroplex but I’m still at it as I build a new practice here!) Between my practice members and friends/family I found myself giving healthy lifestyle recommendations on everything from what foods to eat, essential oils to try, the best types of exercise, you name it! I finally got to a point where I just got tired of digging up resources for people and decided to create my own. Partially, because I have so much knowledge through my education and professional experience to share so if I can use that help more people why not? (Aside from me being a holistic health practitioner, I told y'all I'm a wellness junkie so chances are if I recommend it I've personally tried it!) I was also inspired to create this platform because I found so many wellness websites made living a healthy lifestyle seem way more complicated than it has to be. While there are no magic bullet solutions, you don't have to go broke, spend all your time, or overhaul your life over-night to be healthy! Trust me, as a busy grad student I was in the best health of my life even with a limited budget and little free time.

I felt like there was a need for a straightforward resource catered to women on the go who are juggling all the things just like me, so here we are! My hope is that you can find inspiration and realistic solutions that help you along your journey. And while I will definitely be teaching a lot, I'll be walking this journey with you too as I'm always learning and striving to be better each day.